Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Summer Ticket Program

I love summer vacation but my kids thrive on routine and schedule. So during the summer although we do not have regular "school", they still need something to fill up those long hours of the day. Last year, they had certain things everyday to accomplish: 1 hour of reading, 30 minutes of instrument practice, 30 minutes of computer time and then helping outside with the garden in addition to their regular chores. This year I am trying something new.

Our Summer Ticket Program:


1 Ticket items:
Learn 1 Scripture Verse from list
Read book over 50 pages
Daily Chores without Complaint
Instrument Practice- 15 minutes
Extra Chores

2 Ticket Items:
Writing a letter or email
Nature Blog entry with Picture and description
Math Practice


25 Ticket Items:
$1 from Dollar Tree
Trip to Bike Park

50 Ticket Items:
Trip to Kite Park
Candy Treat from Store
Extra Movie Night

100 Ticket Items:
Ice Cream Treat
Trip to Zoo
New Book from Paperback Swap

The kids found 2 glass jars from the cupboard, decorated them on the outside with stickers and paper. Then they cut strips of paper for tickets. As they earn tickets, I initial the tickets and they deposit them in their jars.
I tried to keep prizes very manageable and inexpensive. They basically take time and very little money. We will probably add things to the earning list throughout the summer. Today was the first day and they are on the ball- writing letters, doing math practice, reading, asking for extra chores. I know the newness will wear off but I'll enjoy it while I can.
You can come up with your own ticket program- pick things you would like for your kids to do and prizes you are willing to give them. Give them a jar and make some tickets.


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