Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Vacation Day Three- Titanic Museum

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I did not get very good pictures outside the Titanic Museum, we were rushing to get there because our window fell out and busted into dust as we were leaving. Then, as we were leaving Michael was cranky and ready to eat.

My review of the Museum:
  • Appropriate for older elementary kids (Tera, 9 enjoyed the displays and more of the reading descriptions. Daniel, 7 wanted to get to the "kids stuff". Michael, 1 could have cared less.) We were not surprised about Michael.
  • There were trivia interactive boards throughout which helped keep the kids interested.
  • Everyone enjoyed the boarding passes in which you were assigned an identity-then in the Memorial Room you found out if your identity survived or perished. Tera switched with Michael because her little girl was 2. Michael was the only one of our group who perished. Tera was glad she traded. Michael chewed on his boarding pass so everyone was happy. We found pictures of Tera's and JP's identity with letters and writings in some of the displays.
  • I thought the staff would have interacted more with those visiting, we probably came in at an off time. The captain on the bridge gave a very informative talk.
  • Some kid-friendly displays: Tot Titanic featured Morse Code video game, walking on the deck at the varying degrees of tilt the Titanic would have experienced, sitting in a life boat hearing survivor stories, shoveling coal into a furnace that lit up, plunging your hand into 28 degree water like the people would have experienced, and touching "an iceberg".

Overall, I liked the museum. I probably would have enjoyed it more alone, but hey I love my kids anyway. When I am old and they are all grown up, I'll have more than enough time to walk through museums and read every label on every display. This time not so much, between sneaking Michael contraband cereal, passing him between us so he wouldn't start screaming, and keeping an eye on the other two, I felt like I missed a lot. I also thought it would be more like a living history experience but it was more of a hands on museum. I would still recommend this museum, but parents of younger kids need to be prepared for some antsy behavior in between interactive displays.


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