Saturday, February 5, 2011

Ancient Rome Continues

The first two days of our unit went pretty smooth and mostly as planned. Then Wednesday hits. We had to go pick up glasses and got some disappointing news regarding a job opportunity for my husband. So I just wasn't in the mood for a whole lot of Rome. We spent the day reading and playing Math games.
Thursday, we studied Pompeii and volcanoes. We made a regular baking soda/vinegar volcano and then a peroxide/yeast one. Daniel received a Mind Blowing Science Kit last year, so we did an Underwater Volcano experiment.

Everyone had to wear safety goggles, of course!

Our volcanoes...I have to admit they were not very impressive. You take what you can get in 30 degree weather outside. We are dedicated when we go out in this weather to make volcanoes.


Underwater volcano

We used parts of two different pathways from Lesson Pathways for our information and projects:
Earthquakes and Volcanoes
Volcanoes and Glaciers
Yesterday, we started working on Roman Art and Architecture. We read, watched videos and did projects around arches, aqueducts, and mosaics. Some of our favorite things of the day included:
Design a Mosaic
Construct an Aqueduct
The above Roman Art and Architecture link has a couple of very interesting videos embedded on the page about aqueducts and architecture.
Mosaics. Tera made a snowman and Daniel made a mythical beast eating another animal. I wasn't sure how he would pull that one off, but as you can see, he did really well!

Photobucket Photobucket

This week hasn't really went according to my plan, but there is learning that happens even when it's not on "the plan".

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