Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Music, Origami and a Pool Party

We babysat a couple of Saturdays ago and brought out our instruments for some picking and grinning. Michael's really good at the grinning part.

A friend had us over recently to teach Tera, Daniel and I how to make these beautiful window stars. I can't wait to order some kite paper and make more. We have lots of windows!

That built our confidence, so we came home and pulled out our origami supplies and went to work. After my friend showed me hands-on how to make the folds, the diagrams in the the origami book made more sense to me. It's actually a whole lot of fun!

We made pinwheels, lanterns, pigs, boats...

penguins, swans, cups, water bombs and whatever else we liked!

One of Tera's friends invited us all for a pool party on her birthday. I have to admit it was very nice to be in a warm place with a heated pool in the middle of January. The kids had a lot of fun practicing their swimming skills and just having a fun time. I would have posted pictures of myself but then I would have to let everyone see me in my swimsuit. I'm not sure I'm ready to be that open on this blog. :)


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