Friday, February 11, 2011

Music and Art

We had some friends over to learn about the Musical Instrument Families. We talked about which instruments they knew and how we would group those into families. I described the various attributes of each category then we played a few games. We also had instruments on hand for real life examples (guitar, clarinet, flute and all kinds of percussion). We did a matching game where I gave out picture of the instruments and they had to put them in the right family. Then I put signs on the floor for each family. I called out an instrument and everyone moved to the correct sign. And posed of course!

We listened to Peter and the Wolf...

One of our friends gave all the kids a great art lesson on doing a self portrait found at Art Project for Kids.
Michael has been loving getting in on the action lately, so he did his own little "project".

I'm so glad I have such great friends who never mind the big ketchup bottle or dirty breakfast glasses left on the table. I did not even notice this until posting this picture. 

We finished by watching the Disney version of Peter and the Wolf, a great introduction to the instrument families. Michael decided to get pretty comfy on one of Tera's friends. 


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