Thursday, March 28, 2013

Minding mine....

I read a blog post and the various comments to that post a week or so ago. This blog was all about holidays and how we celebrate them.  I knew I shouldn't have read the comments.  People started going off about how "some people" I know do this and "some people" do that.  Judging others' traditions and ways of celebrating was the hot topic in the discussion.  All of a sudden I started feeling guilty for how I make a big deal about holidays for my children.  Then, I was reminded of a quality that my grandmother always talked about...minding your own business.  There's an old song that goes something like "mind your own business...mind your own business...mind your own business, so you don't go minding mine." 

Whatever happened to minding your own business?  

You should do what you want to do for your own family, instead of letting other people impose their differing views on you.   There's a lot of meaning and beauty in celebrating things simply.  There's also nothing wrong with going "over the top" if that's what you feel comfortable doing.   There are always going to be people (or Pinterest boards) that tell you what you do is not enough...or what you do is too much.  Who are we to judge someone else's traditions? 

Don't compare yourself to anybody else!

Trust God that He will reveal to you any areas in your life you need to change.  When you compare yourself to others, you only end up with two feelings---superiority or inferiority.    Just don't let some random blog post make you feel guilty about what you do as a family concerning holidays.  Don't let your "mommy guilt" steal your joy!  I'll try not to let it steal mine either! 


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