Friday, March 8, 2013

"T"otally "T" week

A little bit of snow thrown into the middle of our week!

Our completed puzzle


It's been a humdinger of the week...we started the week with this:

Tuesday left me spinning...I'll re-post my facebook status from the end of that day:

A health screening at 6:55 AM, home to school the kids, out for flute lessons, lunch, community organization meeting, online video conference webinar, dinner for the kids, puzzle, read aloud and devotions...I'm totally peopled out! I'm glad most of my days aren't this hectic!

Then a couple more phone calls after that...I'm still recovering.

I didn't even do assignment sheets this week.   I've written all our work the night before on the dry erase board and the kids erase their subjects as they complete them.   It's been a nice change. 

I realized that I cannot handle even small amounts of caffeine, even things labelled caffeine free have a bad effect on me.  Anxiety is my main symptom.  I've had a headache for 2 days now, so apparently I'm going through a withdrawal.   I think it's not worth it!  I hope I'm reminded of this the next time I have a craving. 

Yesterday, Daniel graduated out of physical therapy.   WOOHOO!!!  Now, he just continues to wear his shoe inserts and stretches once a day! 

Can I admit I'm tired? 



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