Saturday, March 23, 2013

Spring Break

We started our spring break on Wednesday, so we've had lots of little things going on around here.  Our lessons the first half of the week were cancelled because of various spring breaks as well. 

My anniversary presents from my husband finally arrived... 

Someone practicing the recorder...can you guess who prefers to read their music upside down?

I started prepping a new garden bed in the yard...sorry about that horrible shadow.  :)

Daniel finally pulled out his wind powered building set he got for Christmas and built a wind turbine.

 Baking--Tera made awesome homemade focaccia and we all made some delicious homemade soft pretzels. 

We're almost done with the alphabet.  Next week we'll finish up with X, Y, Z! 

We went with our friends to the Children's Museum in Oak Ridge for a day of fun....

Then out for pizza at Big Ed's!

We end our nice week with 3 sick kids.  It looks like a cold and/or allergies.  We've been outside a lot the past few days and have been in contact with cold germs.  Daniel has it the worst of the three.  Tera and Michael have very mild allergy type symptoms.  Hopefully, it only gets better and not worse.  They are drinking lots of fluids and resting...well, I'm trying to get 2 out of the 3 to rest.  Daniel hates a runny/stuffy nose more than anyone I've ever, he didn't sleep well last night.  I haven't had any trouble getting him to rest today.   We went the entire winter without one sickness...oh well...


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