Thursday, May 16, 2013

50+ Enrichment Ideas for Homeschool Students

We've all had those days...

You thought you had enough planned, but the kid just flew through their assignments.   They're done and asking the dreaded question, "What do you want me to do, now?"  You're up to your eyeballs in reading lessons and math explanations with younger children and can't think straight!  

Ideas for those days when you just need something extra for your independent learners:

Step by step art lessons- Art Projects for Kids
Art trading cards
Art history websites
Virtual art museums

NGAkids Art Zone
Make a collage- Something you're studying, colors, shapes, etc.

Listen to a musical composition by a great composer
Research a composers life
Draw a listening map to a piece of music
Watch a musical performance on YouTube
Make your own musical instrument out of things found around the home

Practice an instrument

Science Experiment books:  Pick an experiment 

Product Details 

Nature study- Take a journal and sketch whatever you want from nature...birds, flowers, plants, animals, landscapes or click on the link for seasonal ideas. 
Nature scavenger hunt
Make an invention, be able to explain what it's purpose is and how it works.
Science kits:  Snap CircuitsMind Blowing Science, Pop Bottle Science, etc.

Virtual surgeries

Virtual dissections

Board games: Monopoly, Sorry, Trouble, etc.
Educational Games:  No Stress Chess, Geography games, Sci-ology,
Card games:  Skip Bo, Phase 10, Professor Noggins games, Trivia games
Make your own games


History for Kids website

History games online
Make a timeline
Biography Scrapbook Project- Pick a historical figure and make a scrapbook page about their life.

Hands on Math activities
Computer games- Timez Attack, Sheppard Software games, Math skills arcade games

10 Unusual Ways to Explore Math ideas

Home Economics:
Cooking/ Baking- reading recipes and using math skills

Sewing or Quilting



Handicrafts- knotting, friendship bracelets, weaving

Language Arts:
Write a Haiku
Write a letter to a friend
Free Reading
Audio books 

Learn to type
Memorize a poem or scripture to recite

Start a novel- Participate in the National Novel Writing Month anytime.

Coin or stamp collecting- cataloging and organizing collection
Sign Language
Magic Tricks

Virtual field trips, here, here, and here! 

Teach a younger child


P.E.- Work your way through a list of exercises:  jumping jacks, 5 minutes running in place, 5 minutes walking in place,  push ups, sit ups,  touch your toes
Sports practice

Building Sets Legos,  K'nex, Erector Sets

Have I gotten your creative energies flowing?  

Make a list at the beginning of the week/month/year of enrichment activities for your individual child based on their interests, passions and giftedness. 

Then, when you hear THAT question:  "What do you want me to do, NOW?"; you'll have some suggestions ready.  

Maybe one day, they'll think of their own ideas. 

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