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Mosaic Reviews: My Home School Grades

Screen shot of students view in the app

I almost let this review pass me by...

I'm not really big on grades or tests.  My kids are fairly young still,  so I don't have to keep track of credits or activities for transcripts.  Maybe in a few years, but not now....I reasoned with myself.  I wasn't really sold...until I visited My Home School Grades' website and watched the tutorial videos provided.  

That was enough for me to give it a try!

This program was so easy and simple to use.  You start by inputting your student and picking a cute little gender-appropriate chalk person or you could upload a picture of your child as well.  Then you add classes and activities.  I had no problem entering my students' information, adding classes, activities and playing around with the program.   

My Home School Grades was founded by John Echols, a fellow home schooler in 2012.  The website says:   "My Home School Grades was born out of the need to gather in one place all the information about your family’s home school experience and to help manage and then export that content in a relevant, user friendly way."  

What I like:

  • Simplicity After watching the four tutorial videos, I had no issues whatsoever adding my students, adding classes and activities.  It's as easy as it gets!  There is not a big user manual and you are not asking yourself, "What do I do next?"  It's very self-explanatory.  So much has been done for you, behind-the-scenes, that input of information is easy! 

MHSG TV How To - Add a Student from My Home School Grades on Vimeo.

  • My favorite-fraction option for grading!!!!  No longer do I have to pull out the calculator or find a grade calculator online to figure out my child's percentage on their math homework.  You have so many options when it comes to inputting grades--pass/fail, fractions, letter, number or a single grade option.  I was so happy about this feature!
  • No stress-I felt my stress level plummet when I started looking at this program as a documentation method for our high school years.  If you live in a state that requires grades to be assigned and reported, this let's you keep all that information in one place. 
  • Automatically accounts for a variety of situations-  You can recreate previous years before you started this program.  It generates transcripts for you.  You have the ability to select specific years to show up in the transcript.  It also will calculate an overall GPA or the GPA based on the selected years you choose.  Dual enrollment- check; Freshman taking Sophmore classes- check; AP classes- check!
Click here to see a sample transcript!
  • It is not platform specific and is responsive-web designed.  It works anywhere!  If you have access to the internet, this program works the same on any devise. 
  • Ability to document things in the present moment.  I went in and added activities like piano lessons and science fair participation with short descriptions or awards.  It's not so overwhelming when you can spend 5-10 minutes adding things to your child's account vs. trying to recreate an entire school year or career for a college/scholarship application.  

  • Certain curriculums already in the system.  Say your child is taking Apologia General Science next year (like mine is).  When you are adding classes to next school year, there is a drop down menu that lets you choose Apologia and then the specific course.  Once you select it, it breaks down the course into lessons, labs and tests.  All you have to do is add the grade when completed.  You are able to also add your own courses as well.   This program lets you request new curriculum to added, as well. 
What I would add:

  • The state we live in requires that we track attendance, so I would love to see this added into the program.  GUESS WHAT???  This is in the works to be added to My Home School Grades.  My only issue is already being addressed.   

I have to say this program is so easy to use and simple.  My Home School Grades gave me the opportunity to relax and breathe about our upcoming middle/high school years....grading my son's math next year!   It definitely has eased my stress level tremendously.    I can't believe I almost passed it up...and I'm so glad I didn't! 


  "Home school families pay one price, one time, for complete access to My Home School Grades. All future updates and enhancements will be included at no charge." 
 - John Echols, founder of My Home School Grades

You can also sign up for a free 14 day trial membership to try it out to see if it's a fit for you and your family!

Or to just learn more, check out My Home School Grades blog!


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