Saturday, May 11, 2013

Mosaic Reviews: Waterproof Bible

I've gotten to review some cool things lately, but this has been the coolest so far!  I had never heard of the Waterproof Bible published by the Bardin Marsee Publishing Company.  I received a pink New Testament with Psalms and Proverbs in the mail.  Within an hour of receiving that in the mail, three members of my family decided this was just too cool and they had to have their own.  

Then we had to test it out, just a bit.....

We threw it into the pool at swim lessons...

 Hey, it floats!

took it in the bathtub....

left it out in the rain....

carried it with us to our church services in the park... 

It survived a bird pooping right on the wiped right off!

and just read it as our preferred Bible.


My son says he likes this Bible better than any other one because of how the pages feel.  He has always been very kinesthetic learner and doesn't like the feel of regular Bible pages.

Other cool aspects:
  • Pages made from extremely durable synthetic paper that is stain resistant and tear resistant--coffee, ketchup or soda do not leave stains.
  • Pages will stretch before they tear.  You can actually hold the Bible by a single page and it won't rip out.  
  • Ultra clear text 
  • No bleed through.  Dry hi-lighters, ball point pen or pencils are recommended for notes or underlining.
  • Freedom to take God's Word anywhere without worrying about ruining your Bible...mission trips, vacations, kayaking, military duty, hiking, and anywhere else you can think of!

The water squeezes right out or you can just stand it up on its' side and within a few hours or overnight, it's all dried out.  The pages do stick together right after it's been immersed, but as it dries it returns to the original condition. 

The founders of this company are avid outdoors-men that struggled with either not taking their Bible with them because it might be ruined or actually ruining their Bibles in the great outdoors.  This idea came from their desire to take God's Word wherever you could imagine.  The motto of Bardin Marsee publishing is:  BE INSPIRED. ANYWHERE.

We were definitely inspired by this product to take God's Word with us anywhere and everywhere we go without worries!  

To purchase your own Waterproof Bible from Bardin Marsee Publishing, visit their website!  

Take your pick from 5 different translations ESV, KJV, NKJV, NIV or NLT and 3 cover designs:  Tree bark camo, blue wave and pink swirl. 

Check out the clearance section for reduced price Bibles that have "been to the store and back" with minor wear and tear issues. (These are the ones my family purchased for themselves)  Full Bible ($20) and New Testament ($10).  Not all cover/version combinations are available in the clearance section.  


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