Wednesday, December 3, 2014


I've kinda missed posting my thoughts/thanks of the day here.  Monday was the concert and it went so well.  All those horrible things I had almost convinced myself would/could happen didn't.  I didn't miss my entrance, I didn't trip, I didn't fall off the stage, you know, those kind of thoughts.  I received so many encouraging words from friends beforehand and strangers in the audience afterwards.  It's been a long time and it felt good to sing classically again.  

Tuesday, we got up and pushed through our volunteer shopping.  It was an all-day experience.  

Today, I'm feeling the let down.  The back-to-routine, clean-the-house, fuss-at-the-children, fulfill-obligations let-down.  Normal everyday life.  Couple that with lack of sleep, stress, Christmas stuff and I'm feeling not quite up to par today.  

Enough of that...

I made this cute ornament for Michael using mod podge, bottle caps and ribbon.  He really likes Ninja Turtles this year.  

Advent is underway as we await the "coming".  We are enjoying our daily devotions, counting down, hanging Jesse Tree ornaments and all things Christmas.  


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