Wednesday, December 17, 2014


I'm alive...

After being in bed for almost 2 whole days, I'm on the road to recovery.  We're watching tons of movies, getting restless, tired and lacking appetites. We're so tired of crackers.    Today's lunch was inspired by the Bible video we were watching...buttered tortillas fried in the skillet.  No one complained at all.  Tera did get some bread in the bread machine and I've got potato soup on the stove simmering.  I think I'm done for the wise.  

We've skipped days on all our advent activities, but you know, life is like that.  We were supposed to serve today filling Christmas baskets, but instead we are home resting.  We miss seeing our friends and having energy to do the things we enjoy. Sometimes, you get all the trimmings and other times you get the bare necessities. It's imperfect.  

The first Christmas was imperfect by the world's standards. 

Being pregnant on a long journey.
No room in the inn.
Giving birth in a stable and putting your newborn in rags in a feeding trough.
Stinking strangers coming to see you after His birth.
Other strangers bringing odd gifts and a King out to kill your baby.

Seems kinda far from perfect!

Yet from all the imperfection of the situation came the perfect gift of all time--the Savior of the world! 



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