Sunday, December 14, 2014

It's becoming a tradition...

It happened last year right around this same time.

Right on schedule, here we are again in the middle of a stomach bug before Christmas.

Michael started us off on this grand new tradition at 2 AM Friday morning.  He had me literally running from the computer to the couch  every 15-30 minutes for 7 hours.  

He has completely recovered, so we're on round #2.  Tera and JP woke up sick this morning.  I ran to the store to get sick supplies before it hits me.  I've been queasy/nauseous since Friday.  I hope that's all I get this time around.  Daniel is well, so far.  Last year, he waited until everyone was well and got sick three days later.  

I'm praying he and I can withstand.  I'm wiping down things with Clorox wipes, but I fear we've been exposed already.  

I think we'll just cancel all our plans this week and stay home to recover.  Our big service day is on Wednesday, but I think the best service we can do for others is to keep our sickness to ourselves as much as possible.  

I'm still thankful for the little things...the bucket system (everyone has a bucket just in case they don't make it to the bathroom).  Yes, this works!!!  It has saved me so much clean-up.  The money to buy the things we need for comfort.  That all my Christmas shopping is done.  And the biggest things---prayers from our friends and family.  



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