Thursday, November 30, 2017

30 Days of Thanks 2017: Day 30

On this last day of the month, I challenge myself to remember to give thanks throughout the year.  The good days and the bad days.  The good moments and the stinky ones.  Every good and perfect gift is given to us from our Heavenly Father who does not change.  He is constant.  Our feelings, moods and circumstances can change on a whim, but He never does.  He is faithful to us when we are faithless.  He is forgiving and full of mercy.  His grace abounds in our lives even at the times when we notice it the least.  I want to remember, to be mindful, to recognize it.  To  respond with thanksgiving in the moment.   I've got a lifetime to continue to practice!

Thanks for joining me for another year of 30 Days of Thanks! 


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