Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Field Trips, Art and Charlie Brown

Field trip to the Thompson-Brown house and the Blount County Historical Museum this morning.

We have visited the Blount Historical Museum many times over the years.  The main docent there retired recently and we were sad he wouldn't be there today when we visited.  They told us that he drops in from time to time and Tera thought how cool it would be if he showed up today.  Sure enough!

The lady there told him we were visiting because we just finished studying the Civil War and he took off his jacket to stay a while.  His doctor probably wouldn't have been happy he was there, since he retired due to health reasons.  But he seemed very happy to back if only for a while.

As a Nazarene from birth, I was very interested in this blurb and I'm prompted to do a little research into this:  

A couple of friends joined us this afternoon for doodle art...

 And our annual tradition....

Watching A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving complete with a themed snack.


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