Tuesday, January 16, 2018

100th Day of School 2018

Today, we celebrated our 100th day of school!!!

When Tera and Daniel were in 5th and 6th grades, we had a 100th day of school celebration.  Michael got his turn today!

What can I do in 100 seconds?
Daniel joined Michael in these challenges.  

How many times can I?
  • Clap my hands?
  • Say the alphabet?
  • Count to ten?
  • Hop?
  • Stand/Sit?
  • Blink?
  • Write my name?
Who can get closest to holding their breath for 100 seconds?
Close your eyes and raise your hand when you think 100 seconds has passed!

Measure the height of a stack of 100 pennies in centimeters.

Snacks and 100 Day Lunch

Artwork using 100

100 FruitLoop necklace

See what you can build with 100 Legos

Roll a pair of dice 100 times.  Graph the frequency of each combination of numbers.

Additional ideas:

Try to do 100 Jumping Jacks or jump rope 100 times.

100 sit-ups or push-ups.

Write a story about how you would spend $100.

Find the date 100 days past your birthday.

We've had a wonderful day.  Snow is falling and we are finishing up with a 100 minute movie--one of our all-time favorites--The Apple Dumpling Gang!

The Apple Dumpling Gang (Special Edition)


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