Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Electrical smells and other bothersome things

Electrical smell
I woke up yesterday morning to an electrical burn smell in the upstairs.  I started to walk around and realized it wasn't isolated into one place.  After waking JP, we ascertained that our upstairs HVAC would not stop running and that was where the smell was originating.  JP killed the main power switch to the unit and the smell went away.  

JP took the day off work and called a local company to come out.  He waited ALL DAY and I do mean all day for them to show up.  The office had given us a time frame of 8 AM-1 PM.  The serviceman arrived around 6:30 PM.  After a few minutes and $70, he told JP some kind of relay had went out. (You'll have to ask him for more specifics on that part.)  For their company to fix--over $800!  He told JP how he could do it easily himself.  So, the part costs about $70.  A whole lot better than $800!!!!  I'm so thankful for God's protection over us and for a husband that is familiar enough with these things to fix it himself.  I'm also thankful for warmer weather until we can get the replacement part.

Backaches and cutting out sugar

I've had a sore back since last Friday.  Part hormonal and part overdoing it exercising, tending our wood stove and sitting too much.  It's not really that bad, but I'm trying to watch it so I don't land up flat on my back like times before.  

In other news since last Friday, I've cut out:

cookies (other desserts)
granola bars
hot chocolate
chocolate and candy
ice cream 

I just found the scale inching up and decided to cut out the sugary treats I've found myself gravitating towards in these winter months.  Despite PMS, I dropped about 3 lbs. within a few days.  Today is my cheat night, so I'm pretty excited.  I'll go back to my no sugar plan for the rest of the week.  It's easier around here since Tera is training for a tournament and is even more rigid in her diet than I have decided to be.  

Saving pictures and losing my sanity 

Between the years of 2010-2012, I loaded around 2500 pictures into over 400 posts onto my blog using a free 3rd party hosting website.  That website has started charging $$$ for 3rd party hosting and has started blacking out my pictures at random with their notice to upgrade.  Because we have changed computers and my back-ups are stored away, I am going through each post during those years, saving the pictures and reloading them into the posts one. at. a. time.   Right now I'm in the process of just saving all the pictures, so at least I will have access to them if they decide to black them all out.  It is a very tedious process...very!  As of today, I've got about 165 posts or 8 months left.  

Why not just let it go?

Well, my blog is a journal of sorts.  Those years were ALL of Michael's baby years, the elementary school  years for Tera and Daniel, our home school co-op and all the unit weeks we had.  I could not bear those being blacked out--(and I cannot afford $$$ per year).  I like looking back at our lives and seeing those sweet smiling faces staring back at me.  That's why I cannot just let it go, even though it's to the point of driving me CRAZY!!!


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