Saturday, January 27, 2018

#52HikeChallenge: Hike #4

Hike #4:  East Lakeshore Trail--Davis Ferry Branch
Distance:  around 4 miles--2 miles up and 2 miles back
Time:  around 2 hours--1 hour up and 1 hour back
Temperature:  around 50 degrees

My back has been a bit sore.  Although I did feel some strain, I stretched when I got home and so good.  

I stopped everyone on the trail to show them this is what the location of our clubhouse in the woods near my grandmother's house looked like when we were kids.  A pine straw floor bed in a grove of pine trees.  

 Hike #4

The area where the trail is located happens to be  public land where hunting is allowed.  Although we are not in the middle of hunting season right now, we still dressed in bright colors!  

Just as we were getting back to the trail head, it started to rain.

Me and my baby survived another hike!


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