Friday, February 9, 2018

A week in review

At the beginning of this week, I felt like this Lego mini-figure sledding through time.  It was a crazy week at times.  One of those where you kinda have to look back at your calendar to remind yourself of the events.  February is a very busy month for us and we just hang on for the ride most years.  By this time next week, I'll be sliding into home and hopefully will be finishing up preparations for a little boy's birthday.  

I discovered we have a squirrel living in a hole of one of our trees and this little nuthatch discovered the same thing. 

On Wednesday my car was towed to the shop while Daniel was in flute lesson.  Fortunately, the turn around was fairly quick and we didn't miss as many activities as we thought we would.  We were back on the road by Thursday afternoon's choir practice.   I will admit that some of us were hoping for a little longer imposed respite.  And it wasn't me! 

This morning we saw a showing of "Beauty and Beast,  Jr"  at a local theater.  

The boys ganged up on me in Scrabble and did fairly well.  

Michael taught me how to play his new game, "Forbidden Desert"

 Daniel's WW1 propaganda poster project for US history class. 

Tomorrow, Daniel and I will brave the rain for an event he is apart of with his flute ensemble.  Other than that, I'm looking forward to a low key weekend out of the rain! 


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