Friday, February 16, 2018

Art-full Friday

I love art days!  We don't have them as much as we should! 

Positive/Negative Space project

Britto art project taken from this Youtube video:

Our friend, Lauren came by for some crafting this morning.  I taught her how to make pinwheel window stars and we came up with our own "inchies" projects.   I do not always participate in the art making, but I thoroughly enjoyed myself today! 

Michael's inchies: 

I love Lauren's use of collage in this inchie:

My completed project (that I actually didn't finish until this afternoon...I love the way it turned out):

Tera worked on this bracelet, while Daniel serenaded us on the flute from upstairs.  School, karate, fencing and a Chinese New Year Party for Michael tonight and it's been a full day! 


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