Saturday, February 17, 2018

Adventures in Odyssey Birthday Party


Michael asked for an Adventures in Odyssey themed birthday this year.  If you've known us for any length of time, you will know we are big fans of the radio drama produced by Focus on the Family---Adventures in Odyssey.  Whit, Eugene and Connie are like old friends.   Luckily for us,   Adventures in Odyssey is celebrating it's own 30 year birthday.  We were able to get a free download with printables, games and party supplies.  

For food we served the suggested "potato crisps", red licorice and WODFAMCHOCSODs.  In addition to cookie bars named "Tera's flop".  They weren't really a flop, but didn't turn out the way we planned.  Odyssey fans will recognize the play on words with an episode called:  "Whit's Flop".

We played a Captain Absolutely Mad-libs game, Odyssey trivia and Wooten's Mail Drop (designed by Daniel).

 With a few added supplies from the dollar store we were able to pull off a great birthday party! 

Tera also designed some signs to match rooms at Whit's End.

Daddy was the soda jerk delivering up the Whit's End Soda Shoppe favorite---WODFAMCHOCSOD--World Famous Chocolate Soda (recipe found in the free download)

Michael turns 9 on Tuesday, but weekday birthdays call for early weekend parties!   He's been busy this afternoon playing with all kinds of presents and sniffing up a storm from drastic weather change allergies. 


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