Friday, March 30, 2018

Crazy week

What a crazy feeling week!  It felt like we were trudging through mud uphill all week long.  Maybe it always feels that way the week after spring break.  Extra meetings and rehearsals, chiropractor appointments for my sore neck, no motivation to do school.  Oh yeah, it's been a week. 

We celebrated Tera's 13th "spiritual birthday":

"13 years ago, my little blond hair beauty was watching the "Jesus Film for Children" and decided to ask Jesus to come into her heart. It was my joy and privilege to pray that prayer with her. We've prayed many prayers together since then, and I'm amazed at how God has and is working in her life. She's been gifted with a heart of service and a spirit of discernment. "  (from Facebook, my other blog)

We've been doing our "Resurrection Eggs" devotions, in addition to Michael and I reading "Amon's Adventure".

Although school has been a struggle for Michael, making new Lego creations has not been a problem.

We ended the week with a no-school day and a Good Friday hike.  

Michael's allergies are bothering him, but he was a trooper!

Tree faces 

And literal mud...

Hot Cross Buns--a Good Friday tradition

It's Friday, but Sunday's coming...the best ending to a crazy week! 


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