Wednesday, March 14, 2018

"Pi" Day

A friend posted a sentiment about not comparing ourselves to anyone else and trying to be a better person than we were the day before. I replied that I have a hard time keeping up with myself, much less anyone else. I was thinking specifically about today and "pi" day. 

In years past, I have made a bigger deal about "pi" day in school with the kids. You can see  a couple of those posts here and here.  Shoot, I even wrote an article all about how to celebrate "pi" day for another website.  This year, I just felt like--we've done this already. But I was feeling like I needed to do something--comparing the present to the past

So, Michael and I took a different approach to the day--math day. So much more relaxed and fun! 

We read some books...

watched some videos...

played Blokus... (we didn't quite get around to our other math related games)

and did quite a few fun math things with Legos!

(This first one he did earlier in the week, but it was too cool not to post!) 

Like perimeter and area and multiplication facts and just fun 3-D patterns

We had tortilla pizza "pi" for lunch...

and  Samosa Pie for dinner with ice cream for dessert!

The only time you should compare things is in math.  We shouldn't compare ourselves to others  or even to our own past.  Life is so much simpler and enjoyable when we remember that! 


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