Tuesday, June 12, 2018

Ten Things Tuesdays: A few of my favorite things...

A few of my favorite things:

1.  Soft-serve ice cream--Right now DQ is my favorite! 

2.  The Brave Little Toaster--One of my all-time favorite Disney movies

3.  Beautiful flowers

4.  Winter hikes--I never thought I was much of a winter person, but of all the seasons, winter is my favorite time to hike.  I can dress in layers and stay warm.  There are no bugs, bees or bears to deal with.  And it's not humid. 

5.  Learning new things--Homeschooling has continued to challenge me to learn about new subjects and ideas that I may never take the time to do on my own.  Right now, I'm neck deep into planning British History for my two high school students.  Finding websites, reading material, documentaries and project ideas are on my to-do list. 

6.  Friends that cry with you when your dog dies and send you sympathy cards because they know how special that puppy was to you! 

7.  This beautiful VBS song especially when my sweet little boy is singing it: 

8.  Date nights with JP  (an older picture, but a good one)

9.  Tera's bookmarks from her girls' Bible study last week on Esther

10.  These three--


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