Friday, June 29, 2018

Summer Bible Study Finale: Prayer Stations

Over the course of the spring and summer, Tera developed, designed and led a girl's summer Bible study on the topic:  Women of the Bible.  She set up a private Facebook group for the girls involved where she posted the daily readings and verse of the day graphics.  Every Friday the girls have met for breakfast and a time of fellowship and discussion regarding that week's chapters.  

There is nothing I like better than having a gaggle of girls gabbing away in my dining room about God's Word and whatever randomness comes to their minds.  

The study wrapped up today and Tera planned a pretty big finale in the form of prayer stations that reflected the lessons in the chapters the girls were studying this week.  We transformed the living room yesterday into a prayer room.  Then, as a family we went through the stations together last night as a trial run.  

Lydia:  A prayer station on salvation

Hannah:  A prayer station on fervent praise

Sarah:  A prayer station on God's promises

Hannah:  A prayer station on fervent prayer

 We loved going through this set of prayer stations Tera designed for her Bible study.  The girls that came today loved it, as well.  Overwhelmingly happy....


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