Monday, February 18, 2019

Lego Birthday Party

We celebrated Michael's 10th birthday a little early over the weekend since his actual birthday falls in the middle of a week.   A LEGO themed birthday was perfect for a friend party.  


Pin the Head on the Minifigure

Basket of Legos-Stand behind the line and try to ring 5 Legos in the basket.

Lego spoon race-Transfer as many Legos as possible across the room using only a spoon in a minute.

Straw race-Suck up a Lego and transfer it to your plate.  

Tera made these cute Lego photo booth mini-fig heads for the party. 

Michael received such nice, thoughtful cards and presents from his friends.  He was truly thankful as you can tell by his expressions!

Lego challenges:

Name or initials
Make a box with a lid
Use oven mitts (or Lego mini-fig hands) and create a tower 5 Legos high
Build a tower as high as you can using only one hand
Grab a handful of Legos and see what you can make
Build a tower on top of a popsicle stick using only one hand

To quote Michael:  "It was a great party!" 


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