Friday, February 1, 2019

The week in review

I've already written about Monday in this post:  The day in pictures.

Snow on Tuesday

We tried the frozen science activities.  And all we got were some really cute pictures of Michael blowing bubbles!  

 Hanging out in the coffee shop while Daniel had an honor society meeting.

The birds really appreciate the seeds we put out!

Tera made us a Victorian farmhouse lunch for one of her history projects. And worked 3 days, and had lifeguard certification training for the other two days.  She was one busy girl this week!  

I actually had a lunch date with a new friend today at a new restaurant to me--Chicken Salad Chick.  The atmosphere and quick turnaround on your order was quite good.  It was only okay when it came to the food--not a lot of flavor and a whole lotta moolah for very little food comparatively.  BUT the conversation and fellowship was superb.  I also got some fashion tips on how to wear a wonderfully elegant (and warm) blanket scarf I received from a friend at Christmas. 

(I don't do a great selfie, but my hair is fairly decent, I love my new earrings from my mom and I adore this cute new blouse I bought myself.)  

JP and I ran to a couple of stores while the kids went to fencing and I am so glad it's FRIDAY!!!  We survived a long and busy week! 


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