Thursday, June 21, 2007

Being Thankful

I have found myself thinking about thankfulness lately. I have noticed how much I take for granted. God does so much and answers so many prayers but do we give Him credit and say thanks. I know it doesn't change God's willingness to help us in times of need, but it does change our attitude toward our circumstances. When we pray that our spouse will make it home from work safely everyday and they do- do we say thank you? When we pray for protection or healthy bodies and God grants that request do we say thank you? When we pray for provision-for food on the table- do we say thanks, Lord? I am really trying to look at my life and be more thankful. I have been blessed in big ways lots of times but there are tons of times I am blessed daily in little things. Let's praise and thank the Lord for those little answers to prayers. I pray that I will have an attitude of gratitude. How about you?


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