Thursday, June 14, 2007

He is there.

Thank you so much for the prayers. I definitely could feel them yesterday. My anxiety is not totally subsided but I am feeling better starting yesterday afternoon. We received this letter today from the Pastoral Care Minister on the East Tennessee district with a devotional in it. It amazes me how God sends us things that speak to our specific situations.

It said:

There are in all our lives hours of over-powering anxiety, when we feel as though it were impossible to live another moment...but then as you look up, you find that the Lord is beside you, sharing your anxieties and affording you His invincible protection. You cannot see Him with the human eye, but you know Him to be there, and neither man nor devil can prevail against you. When we look back on our personal life, we become aware of the myriad instances of divine protection. We were not so vividly conscious at the time; we might even have had battles with doubt, discouragement, and despair, and counted ourselves without hope. But if we narrowly consider the dangers from which we have been rescued, when we were about to be swallowed up quickly, we become convinced that He was there.
(by F.B. Meyer- rearranged by Richard P. Reed)


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