Friday, June 1, 2007

Oh, the Lazy days of Summer....

It seems I have definitely been lazy with this blog this week. To be honest, I am very tired this last week. Tera finished up her school year today. We had a class party with cookies and ice cream cones. Since we are fairly healthy eaters my children especially appreciated this extreme splurge. Tera has worked very hard this year and made it through the move great without falling behind.

Tera and Daniel have discovered puzzles... Daniel who doesn't usually like to sit still long enough to do one has been putting together two and three 24 piece puzzles at a time. Tera has graduated from 50 pieces to 100. I am planning on starting a new summer tradition. As soon as we can get to Wal-mart or Dollar Tree we are going to get more puzzles and start a 500 piece puzzle together as a family project. When it is hot in the afternoon and you can't go outside, you can always work on a puzzle together. Well, we can hope.

We have also added a new pasttime to our day. The mobile home we are renting has a big 6 person hot tub on the back porch. Well, we heard it cost a horrific amount to heat the thing so we just filled it with water (we have well water) and are letting the kids have their own little swimming pool in the nice shade of the screened in porch. Daniel has said he never wants to leave here because in his own words "I like it here". I am sure the hot tub situation is helping him find contentment in our surroundings. I don't think I have ever seen my children enjoy life more. That's pretty awesome.


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