Monday, October 13, 2008


We found out last Friday, we are having another little boy. I hope I will survive. The first little boy has definitely given me a run for my money. But memory is so short, I look back on home videos of Tera when she was little-she was a little pistol too. So I am definitely in trouble the third time around.

We think we have the name picked out, but we are waiting a little while before we announce it to give ourselves time to get used to it first. I go back to the Dr. Friday for a regular check up and the dreaded flu shot. We are all getting them this year on the recommendation of our ob/gyn and pediatrician. Tera is not too thrilled, so pray for her. Daniel doesn't care, he has never minded shots or needles.

We are off to the Library tomorrow and have a fieldtrip to the fire station on Wednesday. It seems like we will never get unpacked but oh well. We plan on being here for a very long time so we'll get around to it eventually.


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