Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Up Close and Personal with the Fire Department

Sunday night, JP decided to try out the nice big wood stove we have in our new house. We have had wood stoves and fire places in several places we have lived so he is very familiar with them. He started the fire about 7 PM, the kids went to bed and I followed soon after. JP was chillin out on the computer and I fell asleep. About 1 AM, I heard him talking on the phone and telling me to get up to get the kids out of the house. He said the stove pipe was glowing bright red near the wall and the wall was so hot he could barely keep his hand on it. Like I said, he is a pro at fire places but he was freaked out. He called 911 which is something he said he has never done in his life. There was no smoke or fire coming out anywhere except the glowing pipe. We are so fortunate we live walking distance from the volunteer fire department. They didn't even use the sirens, but coasted down the hill to our house. The kids and I walked down to the car and I was glad we all wore warm clothes to bed and I thought to grab a blanket. By the time we walked down to the car, I was shivering. JP came down and started the car heat and he went back to wait for the fire department. They came in and checked the whole house out and choked off the wood stove. They used an imaging system which let them see through the walls to check for heat. It cooled down a lot while they were here and needless to say we will not be using it again until we have it inspected and cleaned. The fireman said when someone cleaned it they probably knocked some cresote or old ashes down into the pipe and it caught on fire.

They told us we could subscribe to the fire department for $50 a year or pay $1700 for them to come out to a fire. The $50 covers any time they come out. Since we are new, we do not have to pay for this time because we didn't know but we will definitely register and pay the $50 bucks gladly.

After the firemen left and we got the kids back in the bed around 1:30 AM, we got in bed and thanked the Lord for sparing us and our house. We realized how fortunate and blessed we were and thought of all those who do not have such wonderful outcomes.
The funniest thing was the next day at work, JP said some guy on first shift called him over. He said I thought I recognized you last night. The head fireman was a co-worker of JP's. Isn't that crazy!


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