Friday, October 17, 2008

Weekly Update

We are in the weekly routine now. The kids went on two outings this week. There was no Monday Fun- our homeschool class on Mondays. But we made a trip to the library and walked down to the little duck pond in the area called The Greenbelt. I would like to say I did well on the walk, but let's just say I was pretty winded when we arrived back at the car. No harm done. On Wednesday, they had a fieldtrip with a group of homeschoolers to the local Fire Station. The firefighters were awesome and the kids had a blast. The rest of the week we have focused on the 3 R's. Nothing special going on right now.

Today was our monthly Dr. Appt. We are 21 weeks now and everything was good at the appointment. I had the recommended flu shot today, the dr. pointed out that when pregnant women get the flu they usually end up in the hospital. I have only gained 8 lbs. so far. The dr. asked me was I eating good and I am. We just do not go out to eat that much anymore and eat a lot more veggies and healthy meals. I am actually eating more meat now than when I am not pregnant. So JP told me, now I can eat whatever I want without worrying since every month I say "I bet I gained 10 lbs. this month". Our baby boy is a kicker like Tera- hard. When I lay on my left side especially, it seems like he is trying to kick his way out. The heartbeat was good and we are not having any other problems at this point.

We have been here almost a month and it feels like we are running so much to appointments, classes, fieldtrips and overtime that we have not been able to unpack as much as we would like. We are getting it in little spurts. I have to take this mega-iron pill now to keep from becoming anemic later in pregnancy. The first few days I really didn't notice any difference but now I do feel like I have more energy. Let's hope that lasts. I did go through all the kids clothes this week to make an inventory of what they need for this fall and winter. It was a very reasonable list. We have had the great fortune of having family and friends who have given us clothes over the years, some of which the kids are just now able to wear. We are saving all Daniel's outgrown stuff for the new baby now that we have a place to store things. We'll donate the rest to our local Habitat for Humanity thrift store. Well, that's all for this week. Have a blessed Autumn weekend.


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