Friday, October 24, 2008

Weekly Update

This is one of those uneventful weeks. We had Monday Fun and have spent the rest of the week at home going through the routine. Tera is taking a Music Theory class and her teacher gave her a song to learn this week-Yankee Doodle on the keyboard. So we bought an adapter since we cannot find our other one and set up my keyboard that has gathered dust for the past few years. She has practiced every day and is doing really well. Her teacher is a piano teacher and asked if we ever thought about Tera taking lessons. She said Tera would be a very good student for piano. So I am going to work with her through the spring semester and make sure she is serious about taking lessons. The going rate is around $70 a month for 4 half -hour lessons. Since we are watching our money closely, that seemed high so I want to make sure she is serious before we invest that kind of cash. If she is serious, hopefully she can start maybe next summer. She seems to really enjoy it and is very dedicated (her first week). Daniel likes to compose his "own" music on the keyboard. He has always liked to do it his way. I told him he could take the music class next time but he refused. He said Tera could teach him what she knows, but then when she tries he refuses to listen to her. OH well.

Both kids want to be Robin Hood for Halloween. It has been crazy trying to piece together the costumes but we are down to accessories and off to the thrift store tomorrow to look for quiver materials among other small things. A while back JP bought a DVD set of an old black and white Robin Hood TV series from the 50s. The kids love it and would watch it everyday if I let them. They read every kids version of Robin Hood, they can find. They make bows and arrows out of sticks and strings in the yard and have quarterstaff fights. I didn't even know what a quarterstaff was until I asked them. It seems strange but I am so glad they like Robin Hood compared with some of the things out there.

We have an opportunity to give out candy at a community Trunk or Treat. We are praying about it. This will be the first thing in the community we have done as a church. Our house church is just us right now, but we want to be the Church no matter what our size. It is really exciting to have the opportunity to serve.

The baby is doing well. Kicking hard already. We haven't had any problems this week and yesterday marked 22 weeks. JP is working a good deal of overtime right now but it is helping us after the move. Since overtime comes in spurts (there are months when he doesn't have any) we are not going to complain about it now.

Well, that's it for now, have a great weekend.


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