Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Some Favorite Ornaments

This is one of our Jesse Tree ornaments. They are engraved metal from Thailand. My mom bought this set with a devotional from a missionary who came to her church. They are so cool and the most unique Jesse Tree ornaments I have seen. But since they are metal it's hard to get a good picture. Come over sometime and I'll let you see them in person!
This is a mailbox made for my husband by his great aunt. Below is a version I have made for our kids. I am finishing Michael's now.

Every year our kids pick out their own ornament which range from stuffed horses to crystal angels to Dora to Rudolf...well you get the idea. We also have a family ornament every year. We started this the year before we were married during our engagement. The rules are you pick an ornament with one figure for each family member. When there was only two of us, they were easy to find, now we have to buy the ones they sell at the mall. Above is our ornament from last year. This year we will have an ornament with 5 figures since this is Michael's first Christmas with us. We have everything from Veggie Tales to Charlie Brown. I love our family ornaments.

I love my babies and am constantly amazed at how similar they all looked as babies. I really like our memory ornaments.


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