Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Unit Day 2

I am feeling the rush to Christmas but we made it through our second day of our unit. No pictures sorry and nothing overly exciting today either. We continued with some weighing activities. We made a chart of customary vs. metric units of measure. The kids used old magazines to find symbols of measure- ml, oz., lb., etc. They had a little trouble remembering the difference between the two so I made a list to help them. This is definitely an area we need to revisit after this week. We practiced measuring things using a hooked spring scale- again we are measuring their Christmas parade candy and toys.
Our Middle Ages part consisted of reading a few books on castles. We were supposed to make a castle today but I shifted it that to another day (I wasn't really prepared for paint today). We finished up watching a couple of episodes of Robin Hood. Like I said nothing real exciting this day but oh well, they had fun learning and we are done. So WOO HOO!


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