Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Unit Day 3

Falconry was very popular during the middle ages- Tera wanted hers to look like a parrot and Daniel named his bird Robin. Whatever floats their boat.
We made homemade pretzels. Pretzels were given to children during the Middle Ages as a reward for learning their prayers. It was suppose to resemble the folding of the arms in prayer. They would also wish upon the pretzel- two people would grab either side and pull, whoever got the biggest part would have their wish come true especially if their wish was to get the bigger half.

We also started a model of a castle. This was a whole family project- the instructions were very difficult for kids to do on their own but after they paint it tomorrow, it should look really good.
We had a lesson on work and forces today. Our big experiment with the spring scale didn't quite have the intended results but that happens sometimes. They had fun setting up the experiment though. We talked about pushes and pulls and tried to find various things in our day where we use these forces. We also figured out how much work would have to be used to accomplish certain jobs aka force x distance = work.


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