Friday, August 5, 2011

Charlotte Mason: Poetry Studies

This year I decided I wanted to incorporate poetry memorization more and actually spend more time studying poetry and poets. I'm not strictly Charlotte Mason but I love the fact that she incorporates poetry and memorization into her educational model.

So while planning our school curriculum, I came up with a basic outline. 

4 days a week-1 poet a month-1 selection by that poet for memorization. 

Each child picked their own poem to memorize.  We are studying Robert Frost this month, so I checked out books from the library and found some info online.  We started with a biographical overview and picking our poems.  The kids put their poems in a sketch book we set aside just for poetry.  I'm hoping this will be something they can add to every year and actually keep it into adulthood. 


We are doing a lapbook on poetry (link listed below), free reading, poem pictures and other ideas as I find them.  We do not spend a lot of time on this everyday- maybe 15 mins. or less.  This is truly a work in progress, but I've come to realization I would rather do a little than do nothing at all. 

These are some links that might help in designing your own poetry studies:
Waking Up the Poet Within Another approach to poetry study

Ambleside Online Poets a great resource website for those wanting to incorporate all or parts of a Charlotte Mason approach

Finding Balance in Memorization I find this article reassuring when it outlines just how much Charlotte Mason felt children should be able to memorize.  I must expect too little.  :) Website that has bios on various poets as well as selections of  their works.

81 Poems Every Child Should  An e-book delivered daily to your inbox.  I'm going to make this our daily poetry read aloud.

Small World at Home:  A fellow homeschooler with several creative poetry resources I'm planning on using this year. 

A Peek at Poetry and Poets lapbook Our lapbook for this year...I'll incorporate this once a week at the most as we learn the components of poetry. 

Have fun awaking your little (or big) poet this year!


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