Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Renaissance Dome

We made Renaissance domes out of newspaper. 

For small stuffed animal sized huts...start with full size newspaper sheets and cut into fourths.

Then roll 2 of the fourths around a pencil tightly.  Slide the pencil out and tape.

Do this 25 times, then trim off them to be the same size


    Make 5 triangles out of 3 pieces then attach with stapler.
Shape your triangles into a pentagon.
Take 5 more pieces and make a star shape for your dome. 
Attach a bracer piece to the front to close off the pentagon shape.
Then staple dome to top. 

If that makes no are a couple of sites that explain a whole lot better.
Small Newspaper Hut
Newspaper Hut

Our small ones turned out perfect...the bigger one, had more trouble.  Make sure all your pieces are very strong and you have a very good stapler. 
The Printing Press

Photobucket The Printing Press
Since the printing press was invented by Johannes Gutenburg, we made our own version of a newspaper. 


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