Friday, November 9, 2012

Ahoy...mateys! It's "M" week!

Aarrhh mateys, we had a humdinger of a week that saw some scalawags in jail.  The rest of this post really has nothing to do with pirates, except for this cute little guy. 

We worked on Michael's name this week.  

You can't have "M" week without some M & Ms.

Milk painting...this is like totally cool! (Did you like my valley girl impression there?)   Basically, pour some milk in a flat container.  Add some food coloring drops.  Then dip a toothpick into dish soap and move the drops around. 

Everyone was amazed!

A turkey crashed our "m" week party! 

Tera got an Adventures in Odyssey book for her birthday, so she's been practicing some of the "step by step" drawings.

I found this gorilla trying to steal my bananas...compliments of Daniel and a new origami book from the library. 

This was our last (hopefully) crazy week until after the holidays.  I'm glad we got a lot accomplished anyway.  The big kids are doing a lot, but it's hard to post pictures about spelling, math and geography.  We finished our first physics book and both kids made an 81 % on their final exam.   We are back to our regular Saxon math lessons and dealing with that transition.  Tera and Daniel are working on their new pen pal letters.  We've taken an unintentional break on Latin, but we'll get back to that next week.  The kids have both found new series at the library and are reading as much as always. 


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