Friday, November 16, 2012

Nope, no "N" week, not necessarily

Monday began with swim lessons.  Tuesday, we went and test drove a car.  Wednesday, was piano, library and errands. Thursday, we picked up new car. Today, the kids and I shopped for a local Christmas-for-the needy program while JP went to register the car.  Needless to say, we didn't quite get around to too many "N" activities this week.  The kids did manage fruit loop necklaces.  You are never too old for this activity!

JP bought some new light fixtures (non-breakable ones) for the kids' rooms and here's the great box it came in.  This has kept Michael entertained for a couple of days now.  There is a tall one I'm saving that is printed with a skyscraper.  We'll save that one for a rainy day or at least until this one gets torn to pieces. 

A new-to-us car that the Lord worked out for us to buy.    We expressed interest in this car and went out to look at it.   We knew if the Lord wanted us to have it, it would work out.  When I talked to the seller the next day I found out the night before it had been spoken for, but the deal fell through.  So, we are now the owners of a low mileage car that was a great deal for us.  We were privileged to buy from a fellow home schooler and the whole transaction down to insurance and registration went smoothly. 

Michael modeling his new Native American headband.

I keep saying next week will be less busy, less hectic but that seems like it's never going to ever happen in this lifetime.  Especially when your husband has worked 60 hours weeks for almost 5 weeks straight.  We are all looking forward to a 3 day week next week. 


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