Saturday, June 8, 2013

Best of Times

We attended a VBS at a church on our street this week. Most of my readers' know that when we moved here, we started having simple church meetings in our homes. We now meet in one other home besides ours and the park sometimes and we just had a new family visit our meeting.   We know God has called us to this kind of gathering, but I still wrestle with things like VBS. I hesitate to attend a church that we have no connections with for various reasons- their pursuit of us as potential members, safety issues, etc.   

I saw their sign for a couple of weeks in advance and then they came knocking on our door inviting us. One of the group canvassing was Michael's teacher and expressed that she hoped he could come.    I decided to give it a try and be up front about attending another church. It felt awkward to me to go, but I was willing to do that because my kids were really interested in going. Oh kids had the best time in the world.   This was one of the best VBS I've ever seen.  I stayed on the scene, but had no worries about my kids or their safety. 

Slip n' Slide night and recreation

 Tera held the Bible the last night during the opening and parent's program.


The two above pictures sum up Michael's week...he found his "mother figure" (as Ernest T. Bass would say) in his escort.  He was stuck to her like glue all week.  He would break line just to run up to be next to her....almost EVERY time.  He skipped around to his own beat all week.  

I volunteered in the snack department all week...these kids ate great and I got to hang out with some really cool people.  The kids brought home lots of little crafts, too. 

We ended our week by starting a painting art class.  (Doesn't Daniel look so tired?)   The kids will be working on a landscape painting in this 6 week class, just up the street from our house. 

I told my kids at the beginning of the week, we'd take it one day at a time and if I saw meltdowns then we wouldn't go back.  These kids kept it together all week long.  Not only staying up way past their bedtime EVERY night but doing flute lessons, piano lessons, starting allergy medicine, TWO 1 1/2 hour art classes, library trip, grocery shopping, ice cream with friends, swimming with friends, shopping for a dress for Tera, and probably some things I forgot.  We made it every night!  I was so proud of them as they learned about serving God through serving their family, friends, neighbors and communities.  

This was our big week of the summer...someone actually suggested that I check the newspaper and find other VBS's to attend for the rest of the summer.  Not going to was fun, but I think we'll spend the rest of the summer hangin' out with friends and chillin' out.  We are so exhausted and tired that it might take us the rest of the summer to recuperate.  It was worth it to let my kids have this experience. 


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