Friday, June 21, 2013

Mosaic Reviews: Classical Historian Medieval History Memory Game

We LOVE history! 

We LOVE games! 

Combine the two and most likely we've got a winner!

Through the Mosaic Review team, we received for free the Medieval History Memory Game from The Classical Historian.   Each game has 64 pieces and have labelled images dealing with various aspects of the time period.  Within the Medieval History game there were pieces on The Last Supper by Leonardo Di Vinci, The Bubonic Plague, Chinese Compass and tons more.  Some were iconic images, but this game also includes more obscure images spanning 4 different land regions. 

There are several ways to play:

You can go solo:

Play with a friend the classic memory style game:  

The 8 and older set will be challenged by the timed categories game variation (answers included with the directions):

Or play with your pre-schooler who whines every time you get a match, because he wanted the Castle, Chinese Compass or the Bubonic Plague or (fill in the blank):

What we liked:

  • Great quality game with high quality images.

  • Good customer service.  Our game came with some minor damage and The Classical Historian replaced the game without us having to return it.  They were prompt, apologetic and took care of the problem.

  • Tera says: "Great for younger kids to participate in a Middle Ages unit." and "Memory game better for little kids- Category game better for older kids."

  • Although at first put off by the 3+ rating on this game, my older children really enjoyed playing and acquiring matches as much as the pre-schooler of the family.

What we struggled with:

At first, I wasn't sure how much my older kids would get from an image based game...especially on Medieval History. That is one of our favorite eras!  Through playing this game,  I realized just how little we knew. I also wasn't sure how much historical facts a game that is only labelled images could teach. 

Then as we played the game,  I started thinking of it as a wonderful springboard for learning.  Within a few minutes, Daniel was asking:  "Who is St. Frances?"  Then we were off to research.  So, what I thought was a negative actually turned into the biggest positive of all.  

A game that spurs the acquisition of knowledge by means of research.  

Each memory game (Ancient History, Medieval History or American History) is  
or buy all three games for only $39.95!

Also available in the game department:  

 Go Fish! games (Ancient History, Medieval History or American History) for $11.95 each or buy the set of three for only $29.95!

The Classical Historian also offers complete history curriculum and other products, you can check out here!


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