Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Memories of the Heart

Last weekend, Tera and her daddy went to a daddy-daughter ball.  Since our daughter is a jeans and t-shirt kinda girl and our church meetings are casual, we don't spend money to buy her dresses/skirts she'll never wear.  So, we took the day on Friday to go find just the perfect casual outfit that would make her feel comfortable yet fit the "dress code".  JP went out on his own Saturday to get some things as well.  They clean up pretty well, don't ya think?  

The event was geared to the 4-12 aged crowd.  Tera was really pushing the age-appropriate envelope.  She and JP enjoyed the things that were for the 12 year-old set and then went out for Chinese food.  Overall, they had such a fun time.  I'm so glad we pushed for them to do this night.  Our blonde-hair, blue-eyed baby is growing up much too fast for our taste and we're seizing the moments as they come! 

My husband is always a good sport, but refused to take a camera.  So, these photo booth camera shots (from their website) are my fun pictures of the night!

But that's okay because they made the kind of memories that you store in your heart!


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