Saturday, June 29, 2013

Thinking thoughts...

  • I feel out of place in stores where there is heavy metal music blasting.  
  • I'm starting to feel stuck in between---too old to shop in stores where all the shop clerks look like the young  models on the wall and too young to be buying clothes where I'm competing with over 60 crowd.  
  • I hate shopping, but needed some shorts.   I found 2 pair and both were sizes that I've never purchased in my adult life...smaller sizes!  WOOHOO!!! That made my entire day.
  • No restaurant or fast food is soooo good that I would wait in a line that wraps around the entire place.  
  • I'm not a jump-on-the-bandwagon-for-a-new-fad kinda person.
  • My children have such lower expectations when it comes to fun times, than I do.  I need to go with their expectations and be happy.
  • I am just finishing a book about the Titanic and got really sad thinking about all those husbands and sons left behind on that ship.  Getting a little too into the story thinking about my husband and my oldest son and how horrible that would have been.  Sad, sad story!
  • I'm working out the details of our school year schedule.  I was reminded that I made it a family priority to be home at least 2 whole week days this year.  I'm rearranging lessons/activities to make that happen.  I really feel like God is wanting us to do this, right now.  It's actually very exciting.  No guilt or comparing ourselves to others.  
  • I hold onto certain things I've noticed:  old magazines, books, clothes and papers.  I just got rid of a stack of magazines, my car trunk full of books, 7-8 bags of clothes, and some old worksheets I'd been hanging onto.  All this in addition to our 1000 thing purge at the beginning of the year.  "I might use it someday!"  is just not going to cut it anymore. I'm not renewing any magazine subscriptions or going to the library book sale for a while.   I love having even more free open space in my house.  I love it that my office is no longer so messy that I can actually open the door when company is over.   That feels good!  
  •  I have such a great life.  I've been blessed in so many ways.  Great husband, wonderful kids, God's peace in my heart, my family and friends, opportunities to share with others, and so much more.  Sometimes it's just so overwhelming!  
  • This life passes so quickly...


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