Friday, August 2, 2013

First Week in Review

It was a great week!  Our first week of school was a full one.  We jumped right in and things went fairly smoothly. 

There were art fails (the technique we were teaching did not work in this project) that we displayed anyway!

Science Experiments...

We tried to take an impromptu field trip to The Clayton Center of the Arts for an abstract art display, but it was taken down when we got there.  So we just looked and discussed  the over-sized art in the hallways. 

Then sat outside and split a bag of M & M's...

We played outside on several beautiful days.

Michael and Tera made homemade animal crackers.

They turned out a bit like teeny tiny biscuits-not crunchy.  It's a no sugar recipe except for the sprinkles on top. 

Some things I'm proud of:

  • I completed 5 days of reading lessons with Michael. Michael stops in the middle of a sentence he was reading to exclaim, "Hey, I'm getting pretty good at this!" 
  • I (or we) made all our breakfast, snacks and bread homemade this week.
  • Daniel wanted to check what problems he missed on his math on his own.
  • I was able to get up every morning before the kids, read my devotions, exercised (a couple of days), get a shower and get breakfast on the table. 
  • I wasn't as cranky as I thought I would be after totally upending my sleep schedule.
  • Tera is always such a great helper, someone who just helps without being asked or complaining (Well, most of the time)
  • We made a priority to be at home 2 entire days a week this school year.  This week we were home 3 entire days!  
It hasn't been a perfect week, I'm still adjusting since I'm definitely not a morning person.  This week had it's struggles, but we made it.  Tons of learning took place.  We worked, played and lived this imperfect life together.  Just the way I like it!  


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