Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Week According to Facebook

I thought it would be funny to see all my facebook statuses for the last week in blog form.  Sometimes I use facebook like a blog of sorts.  I type in little funny things that happen, or crazy things.  

So here ya go, the last week according to facebook (listed most recent first):  

Whoops...I left my facebook up while I've been gone all morning. 

"Better the storm with Christ than the smooth waters without Him." -MacDuff

Birthday fever is messing us up this week. Let's hope the kids can focus one more school day before Daniel's birthday. Glad we keep birthdays low key or we'd never get anything done for weeks. 

Just made this and surprisingly all three of my children liked it after one bite and asked for a serving.    

My older son decided to let his little brother throw K'nex at him repeatedly....oh's bad. Guess who's helping his little brother clean it up?

Well, it all started with Tera baking muffins. Then, I cooked a pot of lentils. Hey, since the kitchen is already hot, why not do some prep cooking for the next two weeks? Lentil Burgers-done, lentils ready to go for a soup tomorrow, black beans soaking and two lbs. of ground turkey starting to cook.

I love my husband so much more than I dislike mowing the lawn.

My boys pretending that there is a BIG lizard in the house they need to catch is not that amusing to me.

I just got beat twice playing Candy Land with a 4 year old!

Michael still mispronounces octopus as "hoctopus"...
Daniel yells down, "Can Michael have National Inquirer books, I mean, magazines in bed?" I'm like, "What? We don't buy National Inquirer!" It was NATURAL Inquirer a kids' nature magazine. I got roaring laughter when I explained that National Inquirer was a magazine with "Aliens are taking over the planet" headlines.
We said goodbye to our Pepper today (our cat for 16 years)...
Someone woke up on the wrong side of the bunk bed....Michael can't figure out how to eat his baked oatmeal and yogurt with ONE spoon. He REALLY REALLY needs TWO spoons. All our suggestions have fallen on stubborn ears...go get another spoon, kid...just go get another spoon.
Left for lessons at 8 AM, grocery store and post office stops on the way home, finished school, lunch, play date with Tera giving baking lessons and I Love Lucy, it's been a great long day...this headache is telling me to make sure to go to bed nice and early tonight. Another great day tomorrow!
Heartwarming Moment of the Day: Hearing Daniel and Michael singing along to "Our God's not dead, He's surely alive" in the back seat in between music lessons this morning. I loved that!!!    


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