Friday, August 23, 2013

Flying by....

This week we added back one more activity.  So, we only have two more to go before our schedule is as full as I want it to be.  We've been hanging out for chess club and the kids have been enjoying it.  Daniel won his first game yesterday and Tera offered a draw on her game (She could win with a difficult rook move, but her opponent couldn't checkmate with his knight...or something like that).  We've seen new people every week and I just relax and enjoy the leisurely pace of hanging out.  

Tera has realized that this year she has to study harder after taking her first science test last week.  This week she put in the time studying and did great.

Pop Art Landscape (Find the tutorial at Art Projects for Kids)  

So, I had all these "big" yet easy plans for preschool.  Most of that has flown out the window.  I'm going with the flow.  Michael asked to do math a couple of days, so we did.  Today he wanted to do "spelling"  as you can see from the picture below.   He usually just plays with his preschool stuff. 

I have really liked using Teach Your Child to Read in 100 Easy Lessons.  In my attempt to try to "finish" the book, I was frustrating both of us.  The stories in the last 25-35 lessons are so long that it was not working for either of us.  So, I took a step back and realized....I'm NOT IN A HURRY!!  We are now splitting the lessons we did daily over the week.  Shorter time each day, more doable!  Guess what?  He's still learning how to read, we're just moving along at our own pace.  I love homeschooling for that flexibility! 

Daniel has taught himself to knit using two pencils at first and a pdf tutorial.  He upgraded to two bamboo skewers.  He's doing really well, but has slowed down a bit since he checked out some origami books yesterday.  

Tera has been giving some friends baking lessons when they get together.  Yesterday, they all baked delicious blueberry scones.  We ate them all before I thought to take a picture.  They were great! 

I saw this quote recently that said something like:  "When you have kids the days are long, but the years are short."  It feels like the weeks are just flying by.  I love seeing how my kids are growing and developing their own individual talents and interests.  Sometimes it seems like  this growing up thing  happens in the blink of an eye.  Then I think about my own mom and how she probably thinks the same things about me. 


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