Sunday, August 11, 2013

Sun Over the Water Oil Pastel Projects

I'm not really sure what to call our creations this week. Sun Over the Water or Sun and Waves.    Click here to see our inspiration.  

First, take a black piece of construction paper.
Using Elmer's bottle glue, outline waves on the bottom 1/3 of your paper. Note:   It's easier to make your waves before the sun.   In the top corner make a small whole circle, then make concentric circles until you meet the waves.

Let dry overnight.

Then shade from light to dark with warm colors- yellows, orange and reds.  Go back and add darker highlights to the lighter colors in the sun. Be sure to trace over the dried glue trails.

Shade the waves using cool colors- purple, green, blues. To make the waves really stand out, trace the glue trails with a lighter color. 

Even preschoolers can do this project.  We did the glue step for Michael and then he used oil pastels to finish his project.  JP thinks it looks pretty surreal and should be called- "ElectrocuSUN"

If we did this project again, we'd make the glue heavier so that it would create more texture. 

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